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The Importance of "Being Nice":

How quickly time we are at President's Day already!  It has been a busy, busy year with a lot of great things going on for kids.  River Bend takes education very seriously and we work extremely hard to meet the needs of all students who come our way.  Over the years, I have heard many people refer to River Bend as the school with the "troubled kids".   In actuality, the issues we deal with in our building are the same issues that are being dealt with in a more traditional school setting - they are not worse.  Fortunately, we also have many of the same joys that occur.  
Recently, River Bend hosted  public speaker and author Sumi Mukherjee to speak to
address the student body.  
In a book published in 2011, Mukherjee shared his personal experience as the target of bullying during childhood and adolescence and his struggle to overcome OCD and PTSD.  Mr. Mukherjee's message was both heartbreaking and motivational with the clear message that bullying is a serious action with a serious, often life-long impact.
I recently came upon the following quote:  

"Don't listen if someone tells you your aren't good enough."  

This is the message that we as educators and members of society need to remember our job to build other's up and set the example.

Erin Toninato, Education District Director

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Special Education Director proudly serving the needs of our member districts: Butterfield, St. James, Madelia, Sleepy Eye, New Ulm, GFW, Sibley East, Lafayette Charter School, Green Isle Community School

"To love what you do and feel that it can anything be more fun"?


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