Welcome to the New School Year!


It is always amazing to me how quickly the summer comes to an end and staff are back in the building.  It seems that several times a summer I have contact with people in the community who say, "I bet you love time off and the slower pace of summer".  I think there is a false belief that administrators relax in the summer....NOT TRUE!  For me personally, it is when a lot of work gets done.  True, there are fewer interruptions however, the intensity of work ramps up in preparation for the next year.
When the week of staff returning is finally here, it is with great anticipation and excitement that I look forward to it.  I love the energy, the back to school "busy-ness", welcoming new staff, seeing the staff return, and watching the preparation.
I recently viewed (and shared with staff Education District wide) a Ted Talk video titled "Every Child Needs a Champion".  This video truly spoke to me and reenforced what I have always believed to be true....relationship building with students must begin before they are willing to learn.  It is my hope that all staff embrace that message go into this year with that belief at their core...that is what ALL  students deserve!

Erin Toninato, Education District Director

Special Education Director proudly serving the needs of our member districts: Butterfield, St. James, Madelia, Sleepy Eye, New Ulm, GFW, Sibley East, Lafayette Charter School, Green Isle Community School

"To love what you do and feel that it matters...how can anything be more fun"?


  September 2014  
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