Other Health Disabilities
Other Health Disabilities (OHD) includes a wide range of chronic or acute health conditions that range from mild to severe. Medications, treatments, therapies and repeated hospitalizations can affect a student’s ability to learn and function at school. A student with such a condition may be considered for special education under the OHD category.  3525.1335 - MN Rule 

Minnesota Department of Education (MDE)
Other Health Disabilities
OHD Health Conditions Information 
Other Health Disabilities Manual 2013 

MN Low Incident Project 
Students with Health Conditions Identifying Educational Needs
MN Low Incident Project: OHD 

Evaluation tools for teachers:
OHD Evaluation Steps  - developed to help assist teachers through the process of completing an OHD evaluation.
OHD Evaluation Components - Who is responsible for what sections?!
Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten checklist 
Elementary Organizational Skills checklist 
Middle - High School Organization Skills checklist   
Organizational and Work Skills Checklist Cover letter 
Parent Interview (for higher functioning students)
Teacher Interview 
Parent Interview (for lower functioning students)
Template for Checklist and Interview write-up 
Eval./Reval. PWN example (Materials and procedures section)