Imprints Program
We enter to learn and learn to achieve

The River Bend Imprints Program is a self-contained EBD classroom that provides academic, social, and behavioral support in a small group environment.  The focus of the program is to provide a positive learning environment where students can gain skills to effectively function in their home, school, work, and society.  Students receive academic education as well as an opportunity to learn how their behavior causes them difficulty. 

The Imprints Program is geared toward students being served under the special education category of Emotional Behavioral Disorder. These students have a history of disrupting the educational environment for themselves and others and have not achieved adequate academic progress. 

In the Imprints Program a student can work toward many different goals.  Some of these goals include: part or full-time transition to their home school, the Area Learning Center, or a job situation.  The student may also choose to remain in the Imprints Program to earn the credits they need to graduate successfully.

Imprints School Calendar
2018-2019 Printable Imprints Calendar