Extended School Year

Extended School Year (ESY) is not the same as summer school. ESY is a mandatory extension of the special education services continuum to qualified learners with a disability over the summer months in order to provide a free and appropriate public education. Although the specific reason for providing ESY varies from learner to learner, the need for service arises when it is suspected the learner will suffer a significant loss of a critical skill as a result of a lengthy break in instruction.  ESY is not meant to provide new learning, but to maintain skills that have already been taught. 

Eligibility for ESY is not determined solely by the student’s providers; service providers bring ESY recommendations to the IEP meeting based on data collected on goal(s). The ESY eligibility determination is based on the student’s current status of their goal(s) and eligibility will be determined through the IEP process.

Extended School Year is NOT: 
1) Meant to be respite care for families
2) Credit Recoupment programing 
3) A program to provide social interaction for students (unless it is based on an IEP goal and need.)

ESY Resources:
ESY Regression and Recoupment data sheet
ESY Guide for IEP case managers and IEP teams 
ESY Eligibility worksheet 
ESY Information 

Legal References: 

Minnesota Rules Part 3525.0755 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, U.S.C., Title 20, 1401 et seq.