Imprints Program
We enter to learn and learn to achieve

The Imprints Program provides an academic program with a focus on stabilizing the student's emotional and behavioral difficulties, helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful in their home schools, prepare for post-secondary educational opportunities, or for the workforce. 

This is done in a small group environment using The Boy's Town Education Model, which is a comprehensive social skills curriculum and multi-tiered motivation system to create and sustain an orderly, inclusive learning environment. 

The Boy's Town Education Model strives to: 
     - Address students' social and emotional deficits with a focus on teaching replacement
     - Reduce office referrals and disruptive behaviors
     - Increase academic engagement and instruction time 
     - Increase on-task behaviors 
     - Improve student motivation 

Student Handbook 
     - Imprints Student Handbook 

Program Eligibility

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